Twitch Chat Highlights #1

Twitch chat is like that friend of yours who you’re not really sure why you hangout with them considering every time you go out it ends up with you all being thrown out of whatever establishment you’re in due to them hurling racial epithets at bartenders or something, but you keep doing it because watching them make everything into an unmitigated shitshow is pretty funny. This series will be one where I post the best Twitch chat comments I see/receive from Melee channels so that everyone’s favorite shitposters can get the love and credit they deserve.

Note- In the future these will be longer, but this one contains only ones I saw and print-screened myself. In the future I’d appreciate greatly ya’ll sending in any good comments you see.


And people said Twitch chat didn’t have feelings


sfat hair twitch

Twitch chat’s reaction to SFAT’s haircut



The comment isn’t funny. Look at the name again.


muck fango twitch

This has nothing to do with Smash, but my favorite copypasta gets a spot on here regardless


kage twitch

You may have already seen this on my previous article, but it shows back up for the sheer hilarity of the fact that it took Kage a decade to decide Sheik v. Ganon is too difficult for him.


fire twitch.png

While we’re talking about Kage



sfat pedo twitch.png

Because Twitch really didn’t like SFAT during his MM



This one was my favorite




Can we just marvel at this dude’s name, also?



This is great for two reasons. #1- The obvious. #2- This dude believes there are stores for glory holes.



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  • Thomas Löl says:

    that first comment of mew2kingslibido isn´t that funny if you get the reference. it´s referencing the poste somebody wrote on 4chan one night before the bombing in paris happend. it was like “some of you guys are alright, dont be in paris tomorrow” or something like that…

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