The 2015 Melee Square of Parity

The title says it all. In my return article from college apps, holidays, and lethargy, I’d like to share with you all The Bad Melee Square of Parity™. A ____ of parity, for the unaware, is when you link teams/players together in chains of wins and losses to make a graphic that would give Inui a stroke.

After getting the idea from the 2015 NFL Circle of Parity I decided that it would be a grand ol’ time to try and do something similar with the top Melee players, and with the MIOM top 100 coming out around the same time it was simply too good of timing to pass up. Originally I was gonna do the top 50 buuuuuuuuut after hours of research, analysis, and mathematical proofs I realized I was way too much of a lazy fuck to find out how to make the chain fit when it seemed like at least 5 players had to be linked to Westballz in some way. So we instead got 2015’s Top 40 players linked up in the over-sized .jpg you see below.

The Bad Melee Square of Parity

Pretty? Nope. Educational? Kinda. A good resource for people who want to argue that Swedish Delight is better than Mew2King to piss off 16-year-olds at their locals? Absolutely.

A couple takeways of mine from this-

  • Recording setups are OP. If tournies can’t supply ways to record every tournament match then you as the spectator should take the initiative to take a cell phone video. More than a few sets on here weren’t recorded at all which is a damn shame.

That’s literally all I had. Just wanted to emphasize how much ya’ll need to step up your recording game.


On that note- I’ll finish by posting the YouTube playlist I made of all the sets from this I could find. The missing sets are- MacD vs Hax at Evo, Amsa vs Fly at Apex 2015, Ice vs ChuDat at Evo (I know this one exists, I just can’t find it), Chu vs Swedish at Evo, M2K vs Fiction at Press Start,  and Mango vs Bladewise at Paragon LA. If anyone has recordings of these then lemme know.


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