We’re Back!

Like a sickly phoenix rising from the ashes, this site has returned to bring more long form shitposting to the Melee community. I will be your new Shitposter-in-Chief for the time being as Verbal pursues actual real life things that aren’t Nintendo’s best in four-player action.

My name is Anthony, a.k.a. Slime. You may remember me from those two articles I did once, host of the soon-returning Bad Melee Podcast, and losing to Kirby mains in SoCal monthlies. I hope I can bring you the same level of “quality” that we’ve all enjoyed in months past. Judge for yourself and check out the shiny new edition of Why Your Main Sucks.

Write For Us

Does your main suck? Do you have a story about a tournament? Banned from your local Facebook group? If you hate Melee and like writing, hit me up on twitter @slime_machine or email me at badmelee.com@gmail.com. If not, I guess I’ll have to write everything my goddamn self. Either way, it’s good to be back fam.


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